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  • Why should I stage my home?
    Home staging makes your house stand out from the crowd. Put yourself in a buyers position and consider two houses in the same area at roughly the same price. House A is clean, clutter free and nicely decorated while house B isn't any of these. Which would you buy? In most cases a customer will buy based on emotion, they like the feel of the place and can visualise their possessions in the house. This is much easier when the customer isn't distracted by walls of family photos, collections of furniture, trinkets and family heirlooms. Although nice, these items often cloud the buyers perception of the property. Industry professionals estimate staged properties can sell up to 40% faster than unstaged properties
  • How much does home staging cost?
    This really depends on whether it is a full or partially staged install and the type of property. Typically, the cost to stage a full property is less than 1% of the asking price. At Castle Home Staging we will also work with your budget.
  • Do I have to remove all my furniture?
    Our stylist can work with your furniture and bring any required pieces to add the finishing touches. We may suggest a piece will look better in another room and customise our quote to your property.
  • How long is the hire?
    The initial hire is for 1 month with a complimentary 2 weeks for free. So 6 weeks in total. If you need to extend the hire it rolls to a monthly term at a discounted rate for the days you have the furniture.
  • How much say will I have in the process?
    We value your opinion in the styling process however our team of qualified Interior Designers and Decorators will use their knowledge of the property market to style your home to its fullest potential. If you have a particular colour or style you would like us to work with we will endevour to incorporate this into your property. As all the furniture is housed in our warehouse we are unable to allow customers into the space.
  • Can I choose my own package?
    As all the furniture is housed in our warehouse we are unable to allow customers into the space. Our team of qualified Interior Designers and Decorators will create a beautiful customised package tailored to suit your home.
  • What do I need to do?
    Very little, our qualified team will install and present your home at its finest. All you need to do is have your property ready with all painting and cleaning finished before we arrive. Maybe organise coffee with a friend while we perfect your property. When you return your property will be photograph ready.
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